I started my startup journey as Founder of a SaaS startup that made video resumes as a service way back in 2006. After some moderate success, I eventually realized I had a knack for marketing, and left the company to go abroad and focus on my true passion.

Over the next 10 years, as Head of Marketing for various early-stage tech companies around the globe I drove growth for 3 multi-million dollar startup exits from Dubai to Silicon Valley. After that third exit, many startup founders started reaching out asking me for advice, and boom, AndrewStartups was born! In the years since, I’ve focused primarily on helping founders with launching and optimizing early-stage startup growth campaigns through either advising bootstrapped companies, or consulting and executing full-stack growth myself for funded companies. To date I’ve driven traction for over $22,000,000 in funding rounds as a consultant, launched a new apps for corporations like BBVA and Tinder’s parent company Match Group.

I’ve also lectured in over a dozen countries about low-budget growth hacking strategies, worked with both 500 startups and YCombinator projects, written for StartupGrind, StartupNation and INC magazine and even launched an interactive online growth hacking course to teach self-funded startups how to build scalable growth themselves, without an agency.

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