Who is Andrew Startups?

Andrew Miller founded his own SaaS startup in 2006. After some moderate success, he eventually realized he had a knack for marketing, and left the company to go abroad and focus on his true passion. Over the next 10 years, Andrew was the Head of Marketing for various early-stage tech companies around the globe. By 2016, he had driven growth for 3 multi-million dollar startup exits in both Dubai and Silicon Valley with really low budgets. After the third exit, many startup founders started reaching out asking Andrew for advice, and boom, AndrewStartups was born! In the 2 years since it’s inception, AndrewStartups, the boutique consultancy that focuses on launching and optimizing early-stage startup growth campaigns has launched over 20 projects for some of the biggest tech companies in the world

What separates Andrew from other so called “Marketing Experts” is his singular devotion to startups. Marketing for a big corporation with deep pockets is just simply not the same as hacking growth for a new project that has barely grown it’s wings. Early stage startups are a stressful “make or break” situation and no one handles this pressure with more experience and poise than Andrew. It takes a certain kind of hustle and according to Andrew, it can actually be taught. Andrew has not only been teaching startup marketing for nearly a decade, he’s also been implementing and executing his teachings for a lucky subset of his students as well. His clients have raised tens of millions of dollars along the way. His knowledge spans PPC, SEO, PR, Content, Influencer Marketing, Email Marketing and more. He’s successfully grown startups in literally every industry, and with all differing (and sometimes no) budgets.