More About Me:

Over the past 13+ years, my career focus has been singular: helping young startups with marketing. When I first dove into the startup world (cough, in 2006!) it was as co-founder for a video resume SaaS business (with the now founder of Balance Grille) that did too well, too quickly. A year into that project, and I realized that growth was my true calling, so I left and jumped headfirst into “growth hacking” early-stage startup wins, long before Sean Ellis coined the term. Over the next decade, I was fortunate enough to have very few failures (those are still immensely valuable right?) and a lot of wins, specifically in driving 3 VC-backed startup exits as a Head of Marketing…

Since that last exit in 2016, I’ve been focused on bringing those lessons to global startups via remote consultancy and public speaking for companies from Australia to Abu Dhabi.  Visit my Linkedin to learn more about my career.

What separates me from other so called “Marketing Experts” are my energy, my early-stage startup focus and track record.  Early stage startups are a stressful “make or break” situation and no one handles this pressure with more experience and poise than me. It takes a certain kind of hustle and it can actually be taught. There’s nothing more I love than public speaking so if you’re interested in chatting about how I can bring some exciting energy and experience to your event, please email me@andrewstartups.com to chat!