4 Big Email Marketing Tips for Startup Founders

Are you an early-stage startup founder that’s been putting off Email Marketing? Well, my advice is to get started, yesterday. Email Marketing is still the most powerful and highest ROI providing form of any marketing you’re going to do. 

What is the Real ROI of Email Marketing? - K6 Agency

Plenty of people can argue that statement but the bottom line is, email can literally cost nothing and can have serious results. Not only does email marketing drive new sales, it drives brand awareness, keeps your company top-of-mind, can spur word of mouth, virality and can also help you nurture customers along their lifecycle. If you’re not doing any email marketing, you’re simply wasting a massive opportunity. In my opinion, you should constantly be gathering visitors’ email addresses and regularly sending 2 types of emails; sales and newsletters. Email Marketing is so important that I’ve gone ahead and put together a list of my top 4 tips: 

1) Be consistent. If you start doing email newsletters, you can’t stop. Email Marketing, like any other form of marketing, takes time to take off (well I guess PPC is pretty instant, but work with me here) You need to stay consistent. Consistency trains the target audience into expecting the emails and you’ll notice your open rates (assuming your content quality is high, read next point) will steadily go up. So don’t give up and don’t take a break, or you’ll have to start all the way over building that trust again. Utilize a free Google calendar to hold yourself accountable to doing newsletters every 2 weeks (a good place to start). 

2) Focus on value. You need to always be thinking about creating value, and not just focused on giving away as much value in your content as possible. It can’t be “filler” content aka pics of your team or office, or news that your audience wouldn’t care about. It has to be providing value for the readers or they won’t open it or even worse, they’ll unsubscribe. Try and test various things but some good examples are: infographics, top tips they’d be interested in, discounts and promos, videos explaining the product/service/problem you’re fixing. A good rule of thumb is to just ask yourself before adding something to an email “is this valuable for the reader”…and if the answer is no, or even “ehh, maybe” then just skip it. Your email marketing won’t ever take off if there’s no value in the emails. 

3) Email Automation is your friend. Email Marketing is so vital for pushing people down the funnel. It’s hard for users to convert on the first visit to your website. It’s just plain fact that they have other things going on in their lives, so a purchase is not high on their priority list. What is easy? Getting their email (see #4) and then taking them on a journey is easier. Crafting 5-7 email campaigns is not that difficult, the message remains similar but ads different levels of urgency and value in each one. Short intro with some links, a limited time discount, a notification of the discount expiring and an offer to schedule a chat are some ideas. Check out the example below. Here’s an example of an email journey: 

-Welcome Email 

-Top tips for using service/app. 

-Look what you’re missing. 


-Winback/Still interested? 

-Valuable piece of content (non-salesy) 

-Message from CEO 

-Last chance to get discount! 

*Move to Regular newsletter list 

4) Build your email list.  None of the above is going to work without subscribers. You’ve got to ethically, and honestly build your list so don’t think about purchasing or copying old lists over as the quality will be low. Instead, utilize email popups and a subscribe widget on the footer of your website to get emails. Your business should be focusing on gathering emails as a conversion and to build your email list faster you should have a pop up that offers some kind of “lead magnet”…a discount, a promo code, a valuable piece of content, or even the opportunity to chat with your company. I recommend using Sumo or OptInMonster to make adding various pop-ups super easy.  Again, just make sure that the popup and lead magnet are offering enough value, or they won’t convert. You should see 5-10% of your traffic giving your their email address. Think about that, if you’ve got 1000 visits a day that means you should be getting almost 1000 new subscribers a week, for free. That’s 50,000 subscribers in a year. 20% open rates (industry standard benchmark) means you’ll get 10,000 people looking at your emails every week with no spend. That’s incredibly powerful. 

There you have it. My top tips for your Email Marketing initiative.

Bonus: My last tip is ReallyGoodEmails.com go there for inspiration on all things Email Marketing.

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About The Author:

Andrew Lee Miller is a 15-year bootstrapped startup Marketing expert also known as @AndrewStartups who has driven growth for 3 VC-backed startup exits and dozens of successfully funded startups. Andrew’s specialty lies in helping companies scale efficiently in the early stages via growth hacking. He’s lectured in over 15 countries on Paid Advertising, Growth Hacking, Public Relations, Search Marketing, and more.  Andrew’s written for INC magazine, StartupGrind, and StartupNation, and his first book entitled The Startup Growth Book is one of the top new marketing books on Amazon. Andrew is also a prolific remote work evangelist and #DigitalNomad who in the last decade has visited, lived, and worked from over 70 countries. You can learn more about Andrew and how he helps startups grow at www.andrewstartups.com

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