Learn How To Do PR in One Hour, for $19!

by andrew August 22, 2019
How To Do PR

Need to learn how to do PR? Would a solid Public Relations blitz help scale your business? Of course it would! Press Marketing, PR Marketing, Public Relations, Online PR or simply PR — are all just different names for the same strategy, and PR is so powerful because one solid article has the opportunity to scale your business more than thousands of dollars of PPC ad spend.

Well, if you know anything about AndrewStartups, I’m all about growth hacking and saving money for early stage startups so I’m going to teach you exactly how I hack PR for some of the best startups in the world in a 1-hour pre-recorded HD lecture that includes a 5 page interactive workbook. This mini-masterclass was filmed in a studio and is super professional.

This DIY Public Relations strategy will show you exactly how to build your own PR marketing machine from scratch, so much so that the ROI may literally be stronger than anything else you invest in. It will save you thousands from needing to hire a PR agency. Straight up. An intern could watch these videos and become a PR badass in a matter of hours.

Enroll in my How To Do PR course on Udemy and spend the best $19 of your career. Thank me later.

Forget paying upwards of $10,000 a month to a PR agency to get the news and press your business needs.  You don’t have time to wait until you can afford that and to be honest, you can do Public Relations for your startup yourself. I’ve successfully launched PR campaigns for over 20 startups myself and I’ll show you step-by-step how to do it effectively and efficiently.

Course includes templates from my career, example Press Releases I’ve used to get global press for projects from Tinder, LivingSocial, Hitlist, RoadTrippers and other world famous startups.

Enroll in this How To Do PR course and you’ll learn exactly:

1.1 How to Build a Targeted Press List

The first step in a successful DIY PR campaign is building a targeted press list. Here I’ll show you exactly how to source, discover and compile emails of reporters, writers and anyone else telling a story to your target audience, for free.

1.2 Creating The Perfect Press Release

Learn how to “make your own headlines”. Press Releases are not rocket science, but there are several strategies for increasing the value of your message and making sure that readers will pick up your story. Here we will dive right in to how to craft the best press release for your audience.

1.3 Press Distribution Masterclass

Creating the list, and the press release are not the entire battle. Now we need to go over exactly how you get your PR noticed. How and when to send it out, who to send it to first and how to get the most bang for your time investment.

1.4 How to Get Even More Free Press

I don’t want you to settle for anything less than explosive growth so here we go over a bunch more opportunities to get your press release posted for free and noticed by the people who matter most, the storytellers!

Here’s the link to get started: https://www.udemy.com/course/how-to-do-public-relations/

Thank me after you get your first big article, for free!



Ps. If you’re looking to learn ALL my strategies for building scalable organic growth without a budget, enroll in my comprehensive Growth Hacking Course that covers 15 channels, over 30 free tool recommendations and 45 HD Video lessons with a 60 page workbook on how to do everything from your own SEO to Influencer Marketing without a budget. Check it out here: https://andrewstartups.com/online-growth-course/

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