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by andrew August 28, 2019

Over the past 13+ years, my career focus has been singular: helping young startups with marketing. When I first dove into the startup world (cough, in 2006!) it was as co-founder for a video resume SaaS business (with the now founder of Balance Grille) that did too well, too quickly. A year into that project, and I realized that growth was my true calling, so I left and jumped headfirst into “growth hacking” early-stage startup wins, long before Sean Ellis coined the term. Over the next decade, I was fortunate enough to have very few failures (those are still immensely valuable right?) and a lot of wins, specifically in driving 3 startup exits as a Head of Marketing…

Since that last exit in 2016, I’ve been focused on bringing those lessons to global startups via remote consultancy for companies from Australia to Abu Dhabi. After dozens of projects, I’ve found that when startups are trying to close either their Seed or A rounds, they are often also dealing with tons of press, a new office, HR issues, more intense scrutiny from investors, and a ton of other external issues. During that time, Growth and Marketing often stagnate. The bottom line:

Trying to hire an in-house marketing lead can take 3-6 months, and as a result, growth efforts often stall completely.

Instead, the companies I’d work with had me takeover their growth initiatives and immediately start conceptualizing, launching and scaling both paid and unpaid channels. For each client, I’d focus on optimizing the product for better KPIs and then identifying hypergrowth channels, often achieve amazing results in the first 30 days whilst giving them adequate time to identify the right in-house CMO or Marketing Director.

Once they did, I’d then help them to train and handover everything I’ve done for the new gal (or guy), but there’s been one problem — I’m just one dude.

Even though I love 60-hour workweeks, I’ve come to realize that I’ve been limited by my time. As a consultant, I pride myself in working harder than anyone else to get my startup founders the growth that they need, but I also want to help more than one startup at a time. You may be reading this and saying “hire freelancers and outsource to scale” but that’s what everyone else does, and the quality of work suffers, and sub-par work messes with my startups winning. Instead, I realized, the answer is partnering with other startup marketing veterans that I personally vet, joining forces remotely, to be a team of “superheroes” for hyper-growth tech startups.

Boom: GrowthExpertz is born: Check Out Our Deck

GrowthExpertz – A remote team of startup badasses that offer Interim CMO solutions for early-stage startups. 

I reached out to my network, to the most talented gurus I knew I could trust to deliver my level of work and the rest is history. We’ve now got ten “expertz” who are all specialists in every aspect of startup growth from MVP Development and UI/UX Optimization to building multimillion-dollar Facebook Ads and optimizing Apps for the App Store. The difference is simple. Work with us instead of outsourcing or struggling to hire inhouse and you get two things: the shortest learning curve ever, and 24/7 availability just like a cofounder or CMO that’s literally on your team. At GrowthExpertz we aren’t trying to work with everyone, our clientele choices are extremely selective. We focus on assisting startups that are navigating the stressful hyper-growth phase of post-closing a round, who still need to hire a Marketing Lead. We’re looking for startups that we can provide a ton of value for.

“We’re here to make sure that startups who raise money, don’t die.”

GrowthExpertzs has a combined 100+ years in early-stage startup growth and for the price of an internal hire, we will take over all Product Optimization, Branding, Paid Advertising, SEO, PR and more, with the shortest learning curve in the industry.

Within 30 days we will improve your analytics stack, build new and captivating creatives, launch and test new campaigns and continue your growth while you build out your new team in house.

Let’s be clear, we don’t want to be another agency. I honestly hate Marketing Agencies. An agency’s sole mission is to scale revenue…… our mission is to scale businesses, quickly. So instead of just starting another agency, we want to be your growth partner, working fulltime with you to get your campaigns conceptualized, launched and handed over when the time is right.

If you’re a startup founder that’s still waiting for the perfect fit to scale your growth. Instead, hire a trusted team of Expertz (see what I did there) to take over your growth for a short period and take your time finding an incredible in-house culture fit. Once you’ve found them, we’ll do a comprehensive handover so they can hit the ground running — driving results in their first month, not the first year!

Check us out at www.growthexpertz.com

Think you know someone who could use our help on anything from MVP Development to SEO? Tag them in the comments below.

If you, yourself are a founder who’d benefit from a remote growth team, book a free chat here. 

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