Why You Should Hire a Freelance Writer to Help Market Your Startup

by andrew April 11, 2019

Guest Blogged By Freelance Writing Expert Jenna Van Schoor

With all of the various writing and grammar editing tools available today, putting together your own marketing content is easier than ever before.

Or is it?

Automated tools might help to improve your communication, but even with all of the most exciting tools available today, hiring a freelance writer to help market your startup content is still a good idea.

Here’s why:

1. Writers know how to do research.

It’s true that online journalism might not conform to the high standards of the past, overall. But even so, freelance writers today, especially those that work in online marketing, are well versed in searching the internet for relevant information.

So much so that you will save a lot of time, and reading, with a dedicated freelance writer on hand.

Sure, you could definitely allocate someone in-house to do competitor research, or to review content strategies that are similar to yours, but why use your own resources to do this if you don’t have to?

With a freelance writer at your disposal, on an ad hoc or contract basis, you don’t need to worry about whether your content is going to be well researched-you can just leave all the work to them.

2. Writers are versatile and have broad writing experience.

It’s safe to assume that any writer who has been working in online media for a while has probably written about everything. And I mean everything.

From garden equipment to breast enhancements, freelance writers who work in online marketing today have built their careers researching and writing about even the most mundane topics, so they’re a lot more versatile than even the best writer on your team (who has probably has had the good fortune of writing more interesting content for a while now).

Freelance writers also operate in a competitive marketplace, so they need to constantly up-skill, and have a thorough understanding of social media and SEO. This means that while in-house communications teams might work perfectly well, a freelance writer has experience in taking on multiple roles, and offer more value.

3. Writers pay attention to detail.

There are a lot of typos in online and marketing copy, but that only happens if the content wasn’t properly proofread (which apparently a lot of people don’t take the time to do).

If you hire a freelance writer though, you’ve set up an official client-supplier relationship. This means their livelihood depends on a polished product, so they take a lot more time to finely craft the work they’re doing for you. They’re also trained to spot errors.

People make jokes about people being too anal about spelling, but if one of your own potential clients picks up on errors on your website or marketing copy, they’ll also take you just that little bit less seriously.

With a freelance writer, who’s got a lot more to prove than an in-house employee, you can be assured that they will read draft copy out loud more than once before sending it to you for approval.

4. Writers can think out of the box.

When you’re working on the same project all the time, you can get tunnel vision, which is normal.

By hiring a freelance writer to help you with writing and marketing, you can gain valuable perspective from someone who constantly works on different projects, and is used to having to market and sell themselves.

In a typical work environment, people might not always feel comfortable sharing their ideas. When you’re working with a freelance writer, however, they won’t be so tied up in the politics and dynamics of the workplace and can bring some invaluable objective thinking to the table.

5. Writers can save you money.

As a startup founder or marketing manager, there’s no doubt that you’re trying to save money wherever you can.

Hiring a freelance writer to help with your startup content might seem like an additional expense, but when you consider that you don’t have to pay them a regular salary, or any benefits, working with a freelance makes a lot of sense in the long term.

Since you’ll mostly be working with them on defined projects too, you’ll also be able to set up a fee structure that can be measured against set metrics (using data and analytics).

So How Do I Go About Hiring a Freelance Writer?

There are many freelance writers out there, many of whom advertise their services on freelance- based service websites. As freelance writers need to hustle just as hard as any business owner, many freelance writers can also be found on all social media platforms promoting their work.

With so many different writers to choose from, it’s all about finding the best fit for your business. Overall, you’re also looking for someone who has a broad range of expertise and experience and is reliable.

I’d recommend chatting to a few different writers and then taking it from there. As freelance writers are pretty much always looking to take on new work, there’s also no doubt that you’ll be able to get them started on your next marketing project in no time.

Writer Bio

Jenna is a freelance writer based in Pretoria, South Africa. An avid traveler and polyglot, Jenna has experience writing a diverse range of marketing content, across a number of industries. Most recently, she has been involved in writing marketing content for tech startups and entrepreneurs and loves taking on new projects and learning about new businesses. Get in touch with her on LinkedIn to ask any questions about writing.


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