Easy Side Hustle: How To Make $1500/month!

by andrew March 28, 2019

Need a side hustle? Who doesn’t? I recently wanted to pay for a trip to Nicaragua and thought up a ridiculously easy side hustle that anyone can duplicate. The key is to read the whole post, and not give up after the next paragraph!

Most people don’t realize that even if you don’t have an extra room in your apartment or home, you can still make a killing on Airbnb by becoming a host and pricing your couch below the market rate for a room and simply including breakfast. Boom, side hustle!

The good news is that it’s not hard, tons of fun and it’s actually quite profitable. In fact, that’s how Airbnb started out, with the founders themselves offering breakfast and an air mattress in their living room. Now I know what you’re thinking, sure Andrew I need a side hustle but I don’t want people in my house. Well, the best thing about becoming a host on Airbnb is that you can shut it off at any time and you can deny every potential Airbnb guest until you feel comfortable or the dates of their visit match up with your schedule. You’re the host, you’re the boss.  So there’sy literall no risk to trying and throwing the listing up. You can get signed up with a $75 bonus here, just try it out.

In one month you can easily clear $1000 by basically having friends come crash at your place (remember you get to approve/deny people, so you can pick individuals who have great reviews and write authentic messages to you). Nowadays, in metro areas and cities around the world, Airbnbs can start at $100/night (I’m currently paying $100/night for my studio in South Africa right now) and so pricing a fold-out couch with breakfast included at $50-$60 a night is actually a really good deal and going to be booked out as much as you want it to be.

Another potential issue you may be thinking of is the cleaning and maintenance to your home, well there’s hardly any. My suggestion is to limit the bookings to a 3 day minimum, which means you’ll may have to do laundry once a week (keep two sets of sheets and pillowcases) and if you notice that you’re having to clean more often, just include a cleaning fee on Airbnb to pay you for your time.

I can honestly attest for the quality of users. By pricing your place low, you’re attracting young, hip travelers who are also very grateful for the cheap rate…..for me it’s often cool backpackers, talented musicians, and interesting travelers. In one month of testing this at my own home, I met some AMAZING people from 10 different countries, my home never got damaged, nothing got stolen (remember, you approve these people, they don’t just show up at your house, so you can see reviews etc) and my privacy was never ruined.

You on board yet? Here’s exactly how to do this side hustle:

Step 1) Furnish

I first bought a good condition futon on Craigslist for $50 (people want a fold out bed). The condition was fine but no one in the Bay Area wanted to buy it.  The guy was actually nice enough to deliver it to straight to me. Venmo also makes these transactions super easy! Boom, done.

Step 2) Decorate

Then I (more like my GF) decorated the living room to look like a cool Airbnb flat. We travel the world as Digital Nomads so we’ve stayed in over 100 Airbnbs in 5 years and I’m proud to say that we know what the coolest and most popular AirBnB’s have. Kitsch, style, color and a homey-feel are my best recommendations. We spent very little money, we went to a thrift store and the rest came from Craigslist and OfferUp. Total investment in the side hustle was $150 including the couch. 

Step 3) List the space on Airbnb

Find the average price of a room in your neighborhood by viewing a search as a potential guest and then price your place about 25% lower to start. Make your title stand out by adding as much value as you can: Stay With Locals, FREE TASTY BREAKFAST, Fast Wifi etc. You get the point. You may be reading this and thinking, “of course he was able to do this because he’s in the Bay Area.”

That definitely helped me get 30 days straight of bookings, but it doesn’t matter where you live, Airbnb is crushing it on ads worldwide! If you follow my steps you’ll get bookings, meet new people from all over the world and build relationships — trust me. More than all that, when the checks come in at the end of each booking you’ll be happy to see that free money. I’m not saying do it for a year, it’s hard to have a guest all the time, but try a  month. You can easily make $50-$70 a night on Airbnb depending on where you are in the world.

Do this side hustle and then go on a trip somewhere for free. The best thing about this, even over even the money, is the new friends around the country and world you’ll gain. I’m still friends on FB with 75% of these amazing guests we had and we plan on visiting them someday! Get out there and make that side hustle money! Click here to sign up to Airbnb and become a host, you’ll get a $75 bonus when you do.

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