How To Crush Online Giveaways!

by andrew March 21, 2019
online giveaways

Online giveaways can drive major growth for your business, did you know that? Online giveaways are also known as sweeps or competitions and whether your KPIs are increased traffic, social follows or email subscribers, online giveaways and sweeps are a great way to draw attention to your brand. In Bootstrapped!, the online course we launched this year, Andrew teaches exactly how to put together hosted sweepstakes, partner with other sponsors for prizes and get promotions for tens of thousands of potential customers…. all for free.  

For those who want a little taste before jumping into the course, we took a minute to write out some simpler tips. In this article, you will learn how to get 15k+ targeted emails, 10 happy partners, 30k views of the sweeps page and over 2 million total impressions for our client… for just $400 budget!

Picking a giveaway Platform

When you do giveaways on social media without a platform, you miss out on a lot of virality. We suggest using either DojoMojo or ViralSweep. Normally we use ViralSweep because we love it, but many people have also recommended DojoMojo as well. They’re not free, but they will greatly increase your bottom line here. The ROI is huge.

ViralSweep is great because they have their own network of potential partners.


Designing your Competition

Decide what your goals for your sweeps are and build the entries (your conversions) around those KPIs. So if the goal is to build social media profiles for a brand then you should definitely make following and sharing the actions that garner more entries for visitors to drive that KPI. If the goal is to gather as many email addresses as possible, then you’ll want to push for referrals. We recommend all of the above. The more entries people can get the better engaged they will be and more likely they are to stay connected with your brand. It’s all good. You want it all right?

Pro Tip: We’ve done over 20 giveaways in the past decade and we can tell you that there’s a direct correlation to how easy it is to enter, and how many total entrants you’ll get. Keep it simple.

Competition Length

We recommend shorter online giveaways to keep people interested, honestly; 1 – 2 weeks is ideal. This is because the initiatives tend to sap a lot of energy from those involved:  managing partners, coordination and posting regularly on all social media channels can also be a lot. The data that we’ve gathered shows that interest generally dies off around 14 days.

Partner Outreach

There are two reasons to get partners for your online giveaways – prizes and promotion.

Obviously, free prizes to giveaway are ideal, but promotional partners are more important. You can get prizes pretty easy but big media partners are much harder to get and are far more important for optimizing the success of the campaign. DMing and emailing companies you want to partner with tends to work well, just make sure you focus on the value you’re offering them, not just asking for free stuff.


How we reach out to potential partners…it’s all about offering value.


If you’re really feeling frisky you can do public posts/tweets too to get sponsor attention, but there’s a much higher chance that sponsors respond if you reach out with a DM or email. Your goal should not be to get something out of the people you’re emailing. They’ll sense that and you’ll be ignored. If you ever hear Andrew talk, you’ll know he always says to focus on creating as much value as possible, and this holds true for your giveaway partners. You want to help them get free marketing via my competition.


Pro tip: You should NOT promise email lists to partners who are only prize sponsors.


Holding Partners Accountable

You’re going to want to regularly follow up with each partner to make sure that they hold up their end of the bargain. In Bootstrapped!, the online course we launched this year, Andrew teaches exactly how to create a media plan (including templates ) which makes it 100x easier to stay on top of each partner. The media plan is truly the main driver for the success of the sweeps campaigns.



Inside of either platform you chose, there is a tab called Analytics, within that tab you should be able to create unique tracking URLs for each partner. Create a unique tracking URL for each partner to use, this way you can directly track each email and social interaction created by the partner. If you don’t use a platform then just use this Dynamic URL builder.


Pro tip: Throughout the competition, we recommend giving a leaderboard of partners to help drive engagement and commitment as well.


Announcing the winners

Wahoo! The sweeps are over, and you can finally rest. Now it’s time to select and notify the winners. Inside of ViralSweep (and other tools like it), there’s a very easy tool for picking random winners. If you choose not to use a hosted platform you can use this free random-winner-selector. Once you’ve picked your winners,  email each one individually with the prize sponsor CC’d so they can follow up.

It’s important to give winners a response deadline so that you can give those who didn’t win some glimmer of hope :). I also suggest asking winners for photos with their prizes if they don’t mind being featured on your social media pages. It’s great content, and it’s nice to show all the entrants that you weren’t lying and that people actually did win your stuff. In the long run, this will garner more trust for future giveaways.


Make sure to email the list of non-winners, immediately, the same day as you email the online giveaways winners. Also, make sure you email each winner individually with the prize sponsor CC’d so they can send them the prizes.


Phew, got all of that? You ready to launch some incredible online giveaways now too? Got any other tips on crushing sweeps and competitions? Let’s see them in the comments.   If you’re interested in discovering all the detailed marketing strategies that AndrewStartups has used to launch and grow multiple early-stage businesses around the world then you should check out our online course Bootstrapped! Enroll in Bootstrapped and you’ll be able to master over a dozen different growth hacking channels without a budget, at home, and at your own pace!


You don’t need to hire a marketing agency. Andrew will teach you exactly how he’s done it, time and time again. Click here to learn more about the AndrewStartups Bootstrapped! Online Course.

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