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by andrew February 04, 2019

After 12 years working with only the top 1% of startups, I’m proud to announce my Growth Hacking Course, Bootstrapped!™, which I developed to teach early-stage founders and entrepreneurs no budget Growth Hacking, is finally live. I spent 6 months building Bootstrapped!, for those founders who need to grow their business without huge marketing budgets and it’s the culmination of over 100 hours of work.

I created this online course to help startup founders, entrepreneurs and small business owners around the world who can’t afford to hire me directly. Over the past 12 years, I’ve had the incredible pleasure of helping startups achieve their growth goals. Along the way, I’ve seen a lot of wins and some losses too, but nothing has hurt me more than turning away promising businesses simply because they couldn’t afford me. As my success as a marketer has grown, so has my rate, and nowadays I’m lucky enough to work strictly with the best of the best, but unfortunately, that often means turning down exciting, yet underfunded companies.

Well, from today on, that terrible feeling is a thing of the past. Now, for the first time ever, any business owner, anywhere in the world (and regardless of budget) can work directly with me to scale their business, for a fraction of the cost of my direct clients, via my online course,Bootstrapped!™ . I’m officially launching two new options for early-stage businesses that want to start growing, now:

1) Want to get mentored by me, at your own pace? Enroll in my online course Bootstrapped!™ and you’ll get direct access to me for 1/10th of the normal client cost. This isn’t a cheap, shot on my webcam online course you can buy for $10. This is as close to the equivalent of working with me in your office as we could create. You’ll learn every single strategy I’ve employed over the years to grow my clients’ businesses. I spent 6 months developing this course to help business owners just like you. The ones who are doing it all on their own, without expensive consultants and big Facebook Ad budgets. Learn with me, at your own pace, via this HD online course. Every Bootstrapped!™ student will learn how to:

-Get 15,000 entrants in your next giveaway competition.

-Attain first-page search engine rankings for your business.

-Acquire 1000s of organic app downloads for life.

-Drive hundreds of new customers via social media.

-Write incredible cold emails that convert over and over.

-Become a blogging master with low time investment.

-and more!

Along with dozens of HD videos, every Bootstrapped!™  student gets a 50-page interactive workbook that includes all my templates, cheat sheets, guidelines, screenshots and homework to go with every single lesson. It doesn’t stop there, all online course students also get exclusive access to my AndrewStartups private Entrepreneur community which already spans 10 countries of B2B contacts and unlimited peer-to-peer guidance. I am also in the forum every day giving away discounts, advice and sharing new strategies with my students. 

Click here to learn more about Bootstrapped!™

2) Not ready to start the course yet, but need to pick my brain further? For founders who just need a bit of coaching, I offer video strategy calls starting at $150/hr. Let’s jump on a call and dissect your business, market, ideas, goals and get you headed in the right direction. As one recent client said, “it makes obvious sense to spend hundreds, in order to save thousands, by chatting with you”.  I have over 10 5* reviews from my calls over the years and several founders who spoke with me years ago are now winning awards and raising millions. I’d love to be of assistance. Hit me up!

In 2018, I was only able to help 4 companies crush their goals by working directly with them at a rate of $10,000-$15,000 a month. With these new opportunities, I truly believe I can help 1000 companies crush 2019. Stop making the same marketing mistakes that every first-time founder and nearly every early-stage business makes. Early-stage growth is so crucial to the success of your business that 90% of early-stage startups fail because of the wrong moves. This is your chance to avoid the majority of the mistakes that lead to that statistic being true. Don’t go at it alone!

My goal since starting my career has always been to help as many entrepreneurs as possible, and I’m so excited to be able to continue on that mission with Bootstrapped!™.  If you’re not sure that this is the best $1000 investment you could ever make for your business’ growth then DM me. Tell me what’s holding you back on Instagram, Linkedin or Twitter and let’s discuss I’ll give one lucky DMer a 25% discount on the course.


Let’s grow!!


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