The Two Types of Social Media Marketing & the Tools to Crush Both!

by andrew January 23, 2019
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First, let me finally, in writing, coin the terms that I have been using for years. After 10 years working in Social Media Marketing I’ve discovered that there are actually two types of Social Media Marketing initiatives a brand must engage in; Off-page SMM and On-Page SMM. You’ve never heard of these terms because I made them up years ago, but they’re so legit, that I truly hope they catch on, and here’s why.

The act of marketing content on your own social media pages is On-Page Social Media Marketing. Most people do this, albeit haphazardly with little to no strategy and consistency. They’ll post regular updates about their company, their brand stories and that’s on the right track but the bad part is this is truly only half the SMM battle. How do you attract people to that page in the first place? That’s where Off-Page SMM comes in. It’s imperative that also go off your own page to engage people on their own pages, groups, boards, comment chains, videos etc and then bring them back to your content in a valuable way, at the right time. This, in my opinion, is even more important than what you post on your own page because with keywords, hashtags, and search bars you can actually identify people talking about your product/marketing/industry/service and engage with them in real-time. PS. That shit converts too! Over my career I estimate off-page social media to have a 40% response rate and 5-10% conversion rate when done effectively. Here’s a scenario: If you’re a startup that sells CRM software and someone complains on Twitter that they “desperately need a new CRM for my company” there really isn’t a higher value potential person to engage with, and it’s easy for you to create value for them, so it’s not spam. (Remember my motto from earlier articles “There’s no such thing as targeted spam”. Let’s imagine you shot back with “Have you heard of us? DM for a promo code to get 15% off our CRM tool”…BOOM! I’d much rather see a startup post once a week on their own pages, but messaging people off-page every day, than vice versa.

So now you’ve got yourself in my headspace when it comes to Social Media Marketing and so I want to go over 3 incredible tools to help you scale both SMM initiatives for your brand.

1) Automate Posting On-page updates with Buffer.

If you know any of these tools I’m about to mention, it’s Buffer. For a lot of marketers, Buffer is old news because it’s already used by millions of people to post updates to their own social media pages, but it never ceases to amaze me when startups still don’t know about or use it. Buffer is a mostly free tool (you don’t need to pay for it until you need Pro-Services, I never have) that allows you to post on multiple pages at the same time, plan and schedule posts and also see real-time analytics on which page is most engaged. This is incredibly valuable not only as a time-saving tool but also to get more data on which of your communities, and which types of content are most engaging. With that data you can steer your efforts in the right direction and scale your impact. Sign up, link your pages and start experimenting with Buffer to post, and plan posts 7-10 days out. Make sure you’re trying different types of posts like: video, polls, images, questions, UGC, testimonials, products/salesy posts, and even news about your company/industry/market.

2) Boost your daily output with Quuu.

Don’t have a ton to say yet so the idea of scheduling 2 weeks worth of posts depressing you a bit? Not a problem. A tool you’ve most likely never heard of, that is an excellent free tool for scaling your on-page social media is Quuu. Quuu, named after the British word for a waiting line (like queuing up a bunch of posts for social media, get it!) Quuu will post high-quality targeted content for you on your pages up to 2 times a day, for free. This is excellent for communities you are just starting or for when you’re not even launched and just want to build a following before you go live. Using Quuu, I’ve personally built a Twitter following for AndrewStartups to around 2000, a Linkedin following over 3500 and over 1000 on Facebook whilst only publishing my own content once a week. Quuu does the rest. Boom. Love you Quuu!

3) Find and engage with people off-page using Hootsuite and Tweetdeck:

So now, with the above tools, you’re ready to kick your daily postings on-page into high gear right? Great, now the next step is to find where your target demographic are hanging out, talking and engaging and then be present there. Are you still confused by Hashtags? Well I’m going to explain to you why they’re important right here. Hashtags give you unprecedented access to what people are talking about, when they’re talking about it. If you sell sneakers and you type #Sneakerhead you’ll instantly be able to message people who are no doubt going to be at least somewhat interested in your products. All large online social communities allow for keyword and hashtag searching, but it’s labor-some and not very effective inside of most of them. Because of this, I recommend HootSuite and Tweetdeck. Both are similar but Hootsuite allows for more networks wherein Tweetdeck is obviously just Twitter. With both of these free tools, you can track an expanded list of key phrases related to your business, city, industry, clients, target demographic etc. You can test tons of new terms to see if people are using them and if they respond to your comments but the one thing to always keep in mind is to create value with every message you send. Don’t be overly salesy. You’re trying to identify people who need your product or service, you’re trying to help them.

The greatest part about this, the user gets a push notification and often an email when you respond to them. Not only will it convert, you’ll quickly learn your most valuable messages/value props and what people respond best to, which will help your overall marketing and message.

Phew, you got all of that? Are you secretly thinking in the back of your head that you don’t have the time to do this all yourself, well that’s ok too. Many companies outsource their Social Media to people like me, who know exactly how to create meaningful relationships with your target demographic, engage them, keep your brand top mind and convert those followers to actual customers, over and over again. If you’re interested in getting more advice on social media you can book a discounted strategy social media session with me here.

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